Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well, I'm going to make another attempt ...

we'll see how this goes. So where do I start? How about with the most recent events and I'll slowly work my way backwards until we're all caught up, how about that?

This past Wednesday (June 9th) marked the "official" beginning of summer for the kids and I, as it was their last day of school. Let me just say Thursday and Friday were somewhat unpleasant as the kids didn't really have an idea of what to do now that their usual schedule as been completely abandoned. I've got to figure out a daily routine for us to follow otherwise we're all gonna go crazy. I tell you these kids need a good schedule to follow.

One of the things I've decided to do with them, now that they're older, is cooking. They both love cooking and helping out in the kitchen and they're more likely to eat what's in front of them if they are the ones who made it. Right now there's not a whole lot in the house to work with but I found this recipe for Marshmallow Fluff over at this website and let me just tell you, I didn't make the whole recipe and we still ended up with a TON of fluff but Rhys and Sylvie loved it.

This girl loves her fluff!

Rhys wasn't so fond of getting all sticky so while I cleaning up he was spending some quality time with Zoe.

Marshmallow Fluff + Nutella + Graham Crackers

= S'Mores!! mmmmm, yummm

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