Friday, May 29, 2009


Yes people, we have chickens. Kevin (a farmer at heart) found out back in March that an ordinance was passed allowing people to keep chickens in their backyard so naturally he jumped on that bandwagon and over Memorial Day weekend we added four new, feathered companions to the family. So meet the newest members of the Hagen/Pike family. They don't officially have names yet but I've dubbed them Estelle, Mabel, Beatrice and Rhoda but if you ask Rhys what their names are he'll tell you their names are Eegie, Ooggoo, Oplopo and Eegie, yes two Eegie's. I'm pretty sure those names are not going to stick.
from L to R,
in the back is Beatrice,
the black and white speckeled one is Estelle,
the red is Rhoda and the buff colored one is Mabel


Rhoda and Mabel

Mabel and Beatrice (so far Mabel is everyone's favorite
and nobody really likes Beatrice 'cuz she just "looks dirty")


Rhys and some of the neighbor girls checking out the chickens

Milo, he likes to run up to the coop and scare the chickens


Sylvie blowing bubbles

Rhys being crabby

"now what do we do? we're bored"