Monday, June 14, 2010

Entertainment in the condiments

So over the weekend, while helping a friend get ready for her graduation party I found myself in a fast food restaurant that I haven't been in, in years. While waiting for my order I was perusing the selection of condiments only to find an assortment of witty comments on each on one. These were a few 0f my favorites.

No, you cannot say "we meet again" because quite frankly I've never met you before.

I burst out laughing when I first read this one. Right up my alley and quite entertaining, don't you think?

No. No, I will not marry you. And quite frankly if anyone should ever happen to propose to me in this manner no matter how much I loved him the answer would still be, no.

What a story that would be to tell your children. "Well, honey when your father proposed he took me to a fast food joint and ever so slyly slide the sause packet across the table and waited patiently and expentantly while I read the text written on said sauce packet."
I've heard some engagement proposal stories over the years. It's always fun to hear how your father or mother or brother or sister or friend or whoever asked (or was asked by) their significant other for their hand in marriage. Come to think of it I have no idea how my dad proposed to my mom . . . hmmm, I think I may need to ask him. Do you have any good engagement stories?

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