Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Weekend At Home

Well I was home for a weekend, well not home exactly but Isaac and Jo's is close enough to home, especially when the whole family is there. Anyhoo I went home last weekend as we all gathered together to see Isaac one more time before he had to leave. We didn't really do much, mostly just hung out around the house eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and enjoying each other's company.

The boys spent a lot of time with their electronics, especially Eli, I think he might be slightly addicted to that xbox.

This is how I found Dad every night. lol

Surprise! Hi, Dad.

He'd shift positions every now and then.

Mom and Jo joined Dad on the second night, while Isaac and Eli zoned out on the xbox.

Eli's curly head.

Halfway through the haircut. Eli claims this'll be the last haircut he has until Isaac comes home, so we'll see if he holds true to his word.

He got a little worried at one point

Jo and Isaac playing the Game of Life

Jo, Isaac, Me and Dad "the white guy" (lol, that's what Jo called him) on the road of Life

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Ike and Jo said...

Hey bobilicious! The postcards are really great! They look professional. You could sell them on That website might even make it really easy for you to sell through them, maybe with paypal?? I'm excited to see what else you come up with. Good work!