Friday, March 20, 2009

Wanderings in NYC

So I was bored last Sunday afternoon, sick of driving around Long Island and it was a pretty nice day so I decided to venture into the city for an afternoon of wanderings and picture taking. I'm going to split this post into two just because it'll make it easier to post the pictures. So here's part one, I wandered from Penn Station on 33rd St down to the New York Public Library down on, I believe its 47th St and 5th Ave. So here's just a few pictures from the Library.

Carosel in Bryant Park, right behind the library

view across the Great Lawn of Bryant Park to the backside
of the library. Clearly the lawn isn't so great right now, I'll
have to go back later when there's green grass for another picture

details on the outside

inside the main entrance

a long empty hallway

a good book
is the precious lifeblood of a
master spirit, imbalm'd and treasur'd
up on purpose to a life beyond life?
I think that's what it says
Well that's all from the library I'll put more up later from the rest of my wanderings

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