Thursday, June 18, 2009


ok so maybe I've figured out what to do with my pictures, seeing as so many of you keep telling me that I need to do something with them. The idea came from talking to Mom the other day and her telling me how forgotten Isaac has been feeling and that basicly he needs more mail from people so I was thinking what can I do? and I thought postcards. I started looking at one of my favorite sites ( for discount postcards or notecards or any small little thing that I could send to him and as I was looking through their postcards slowly I began thinking I could do that. So I did and here are a few of what I've made so far, let me know what you think. Are they good? not so good? need a little work? alright as they are? would you buy them or do you know anyone who would maybe buy them? is it something worth persuing and investing in? Please, please let me know what you think show this post to your friends or family or anyone you think might be interested. I've only just gotten started so these are just the beginning few. Thanks!

just click on the links to bring up the pictures (my least favorite) (my favorite one)

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